Engine 33.5

The Members of the Department recently refurbished this Go-Cart. The mini fire engine will be used asa public relations tool at events around the community. Thanks to all of the members and staff who to finish this project the Department now has this great new way to engage with the public.


Ladder 33:  at a working fire in a vacant residential structure.
Ladder 33:  Spartan/Crimson ladder truck. Seventy-five foot ladder, 1200 gpm  pump, eight-person cab unit.



Rescue 33: The 2007 Pierce Rescue Pumper has a 1050 gallon per minute pump capacity. The pumper is equipped with tools required for rescue including Jaws of Life rescue jaws and cutters, water and ice rescue equipment. This equipment is a fully functional fire pumper with an eight person cab.


R33 at a fire at an industrial site.