Welcome to the website of the New Glasgow Regional Police. I hope that you find the information on our site helpful and informative and that it will give you a better understanding of how our service delivery is striving to make our communities a safer place in which to live.

Upon my appointment as interim Chief of Police for the Towns of New Glasgow and Trenton on April 1st, 2017 by the New Glasgow Board of Police Commissioners after 41 years of service with New Glasgow Regional Police, it is indeed an honor for me to continue in the capacity as Chief in serving the citizens of both municipalities. New Glasgow Regional Police assumed responsibility for policing the Town of Trenton under a sale of service agreement between the two towns in January of 2011 and we continue to enjoy a strong working relationship with the town’s Mayor and Council.

The Towns of New Glasgow and Trenton take great pride in providing an enhanced level of service, to which the citizens have become accustomed to through our specialized units and programs as part of our service delivery. This of course would not be so if it were not because of the strong support received from our Board of Police Commissioners and the Mayors and Councils of both towns. 

New Glasgow Regional Police is committed to a community-based policing model in its day-to-day operations. What makes community-based policing so effective is the building of relationships within our communities with other organizations and the public in general. This of course requires the Police to work in partnership with the community so that the needs of the community are more easily recognized and understood and in doing so we can work together to find and implement solutions. Relationships between community and the police cannot effectively exist without mutual respect and trust of each other, which is key to being successful. The goal of any police service is to ensure public safety not only through programs such as traffic law enforcement, drug enforcement investigations, major crime investigations or crime prevention but rather, through community-based policing, which is a philosophy of policing and a method of service delivery. Community-based policing is a "mind-set" which forms the basis for the delivery of all police services.

The New Glasgow Board of Police Commissioners and Management of the New Glasgow Regional Police hold its members to a high standard to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible service we can to the citizens and communities in which we serve. Confidence in the Police by the public is very important to effective policing and something we take very seriously.

My goal is to continue to maintain a safe society for all of our citizens so that our citizens feel safe and I welcome the opportunity to continue working in partnership with our communities to achieve our goal.   


Eric R MacNeil

Chief of Police