court record

The Case Manager of Court Operations works under the direction of the Deputy Chief of Police. The Case Manager provides supervisory assistance to the Deputy Chief of Police Operations, as well as fulfills the duties and responsibilities of the position in the absence of the Deputy Chief. The Case Manager exercises direct supervision over all sworn police officers of the Platoon/Patrol Section, the Communication Officers of the Communications Section, and the civilian members of the Court Operations Section within New Glasgow Regional Police.

The major responsibility of the Case Manager is the supervision and management of all calls received for service, documentation arising from those calls, reviewing of all Court files, all property seized and persons incarcerated. The Case Manager will supervise this, give guidance and direction, and ensure that the Standard Operating Procedures and the policies of the Minister of Justice of Nova Scotia and the New Glasgow Regional Police are followed. 

The Case Manager will be considered the third person in charge of the New Glasgow Regional Police.