Guidelines from New Glasgow Fire Department
on Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances

A) Only one wood burning appliance may be used on the property
B) They must not be used on wood decks or combustible platforms
C) These appliances must have screens in place and closed when burning
D) Only dry seasoned firewood shall be used in these units, as it burns with little or no smoke
E) There shall be no use of treated wood, painted wood, leaves, grass or other vegetation, plastic, oil, rubber or any food materials
F) A 10 feet ( three metre) clearance shall be observed in all directions from other combustible materials
G) No flammable liquids are to be used to ignite materials to be burned
H) Must not be left unattended and all embers must be extinguished with water when burning is complete
I) No burning shall take place when Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources has banned all open fires
J) Appliance must be ULC/CSA approved and the manufacturer’s instructions are to be followed
K) Advise neighbours before burning
L) Use of these appliances is at your own risk