New Glasgow Communities in Bloom

NG-LogoColourNew Glasgow’s citizens, business community and leaders are proud of their town’s organizations, green spaces and parks, historic landmarks and environmental stewardship. Communities in Bloom present an excellent template for municipal improvements. The program are based on eight criteria of community involvement including tidiness, environmental sustainability and urban forestry, heritage conservation, landscape, turf management and floral displays. All aspects of the community registered are evaluated by provincial and national judges. New Glasgow is currently a member of the Cicle of Excellence as a non evaluated participant. 

CIB200x250In 2003, the Town Council registered with Communities in Bloom and since won provincial and national awards. In 2004, New Glasgow received an impressive four blooms provincially and a five-bloom rating in 2005 and 2006 with top ratings in its population category in Nova Scotia. In 2007, the Town entered the national competition and in that year received an impressive four blooms. In 2008, New Glasgow received five blooms in the national competition, and placed first runner up across all population categories for Environmental Awareness, a great achievement for the town.

In 2009, the town entered for the third year in the national competition achieving five blooms in its sixth consecutive year in the Communities in Bloom program. Throughout its participation in the program, New Glasgow is noted for its environmental stewardship, tidiness, revitalization of the riverfront, community involvement, the flourish brand and public space making strategies.

In  2010 New Glasgow received the national outstanding achievement award in the criteria category of "Community of Gardeners" at the National Communities in Bloom Awards Ceremony held in October in Halifax, Nova Scotia and another five bloom rating. This special criteria award is given for outstanding achievement in both private and public green spaces and recognizes commitment to greening and beautification as well as community spirit. In 2011, New Glasgow achieved five blooms and was presented with the national award for its population category at the national symposium and awards held in Quebec City. New Glasgow entered the Circle of Excellence category for previous national champions as a non compeitive participant in 2013. The Town received the As You Like it Award at the national symposium and awards held in Ottawa for the Best Overall Community Display.

Tabitha Coleman and Deputy Mayor Nancy Dicks are the 2015-2016 Co-Chairs of the New Glasgow Communities in Bloom Committee. Councillors Clyde Fraser and Henderson Paris also serve on the committee as well as citizens Phyllis MacDonald,  Berna Marshall, Helen Boucher Fred Popowich and John Carter. Cheryl Young of the Community Economic Development Department is the staff lead. 

Learning Library Garden (video)



Presentation of Learning Library Garden - Celtic Family Henderson Paris United Nations Seminar

"Healthy Soils for a Healthy Life"  (PDF Presentation)

(some words were cut off when coverting to a PDF - but great photos of the garden before & after!)