Climate Change FAQ

What is climate change?

Climate is different from weather. The weather reflects short-term conditions of the atmosphere, while climate is the average daily condition for an extended period of time.

Climate change is caused by the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases block heat from escaping from Earth’s atmosphere. These gases keep Earth warm, like the glass in a greenhouse keeps plants warm.

The most important greenhouse gases (GHGs) are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and nitrous oxide. Human activities - such as driving cars, deforestation, and burning coal to warm and cool our homes - generate a lot of GHG emissions every day. As our GHG emissions increase, the total amount of GHGs trapped in Earth’s atmosphere increases, leading to a warmer and warmer planet.

Each year, we are seeing more and more of the dangerous consequences of this warming caused by our emissions, including more frequent and intense droughts, forest fires, hurricanes, and floods!

What are climate change adaptation and mitigation?

Climate change mitigation means avoiding and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, therefore preventing the planet from warming to more extreme temperatures.

Climate change adaptation means taking actions that reduce the negative impacts of climate change and can include changing our behaviours, systems, etc.

Where can I charge my electric vehicle (EV)?

This map displays where electric vehicle (EV) chargers can be found in the Town of New Glasgow.