Water Billings

The Municipality owns and operates Forbes Lake Water Utility. Water rates are currently $1.46/cubic meter of water consumed and pollution control rates are currently $1.34/cubic meter. The meter base charge is currently $59.23.

Water billings take place four times (4) annually following the end of each quarterly period of:

First Quarter Billing Ending Date:

Ward 1 – February 28th
Ward 2 – December 31st
Ward 3 – January 31st

Second Quarter Billing Ending Date:

Ward 1 – May 31st
Ward 2 – March 31st
Ward 3 – April 30th

Third Quarter Billing Ending Date:

Ward 1 – August 31st
Ward 2 – June 30th
Ward 3 – July 31st

Fourth Quarter Billing Ending Date:

Ward 1 – November 30th
Ward 2 – September 30th
Ward 3 – October 31st

The interest rate charged on overdue accounts is 15% annually and is applicable on water and pollution.

*** Accounts that remain unpaid six months after the billing date will receive a notice advising that unless payment is received or arrangements made, the water will be shut off. ***

If you are a new resident of New Glasgow and require a water hookup, are moving and require a disconnect, or have questions regarding meter readings please email
If you have a question concerning payments or have not received your bill, please call the Town Office at 902-755-7788 or by email at .