Integrated Development Plan

The Town of New Glasgow is working on the 2021-2025 Integrated Development Plan, a comprehensive group of actions that will advise council, leadership and town staff on the town's main areas of focus. The plan will be guided by feedback from residents, workers, and business owners.

This is a process the Town of New Glasgow goes through every four years, to review strategic priorities and initiatives for the community. Phase 1 was a Community Survey, which collected initial feedback from 380 respondents.

In phase 2, an Online Engagement Platform was launched where residents, workers and business owners were invited to share their thoughts and ideas on different areas of focus. More than 50 new ideas and comments were added in less than a month and the platform will remain open for new ideas. It can be accessed at the Town of New Glasgow - 2021-2025 Integrated Development Plan. 

The final stage of Community Engagement was a series of Virtual Public Consultation sessions held through Zoom in the last week of May, and we thank everyone for their participation.