Mayor's Message

Nancy Dicks

As I serve my second term as Mayor and my third term on Council, I continue to consider it a great privilege to work for the citizens of New Glasgow. We have much to be proud of as a community as we work together on opportunities and challenges.

The Town of New Glasgow has had a long-standing commitment to infrastructure and quality water. It was a vision by those who came before us to invest in a water source that continues to supply us with a reliable and safe supply of drinking water. Through an Asset Management plan, the Town will continue to upgrade and determine service levels that support our citizens.

We are committed to the long-term sustainability of our community. The Town has prioritized a Climate Action Plan that addresses meaningful work that must take place as we witness imminent weather patterns that affect our infrastructure and quality of life. We have engaged our citizens and other levels of government as we move forward with this top priority.

Providing residents with infrastructure and programs that allow for healthy lifestyle choices is important to citizens of all ages. Caring about the physical and mental wellbeing of all is necessary for communities to thrive.

Our Town is growing! We welcome all who have chosen to make New Glasgow their home. We strive to be an inclusive community where those who have lived here all their life and those who only recently called New Glasgow home, feel a sense of belonging and value.

Your ideas, comments, and concerns are always welcome. We continue our commitment to the essential services provided by our Town Staff. Working together in an open and respectful manner is the way we move forward.

Nancy Dicks
Town of New Glasgow