Engine 33.5

mini fire engine

The Members of the Department recently refurbished this Go-Cart. The mini fire engine will be used as a public relations tool at events around the community. Thanks to all of the members and staff who finish this project the Department now has this great new way to engage with the public.

Ladder 33 

Spartan Crimson ladder truck

Ladder 33 is a 2005 Crimson 75-foot aerial. It carries 200 gallons of water and has a 1250 GPM pump. The ladder can also be used in rescue situations to recover victims from heights or areas not easily accessible. Below is a photo of Ladder 33 in action. 

Ladder 33 working fire in a vacant residential structure

Engine 33

engine 33

Engine 33 Is a 2019 Fort Garry pumper. It carries 1000 gallons of water and has a 1250 GPM pump. This truck will respond to our neighbouring departments area to lend assistance. 


2007 Pierce Rescue Pumper

Rescue 33 is a 2007 Pierce Rescue/ Pumper. It carries 700 gallons of water and has a 1050 GPM pump. This truck responds to motor vehicle accidents in town and around the county. Below is a photo of Rescue 33 responding to an industrial fire.

rescue 33 at an industrial site


 Auxillary 33

Auxiliary 33 

Auxiliary 33 Is a 2012 F450 van body truck. This truck carries the members' protective firefighting gear. It also has room to be a command post if necessary.


Utility 33

Utility 33

Utility 33 is a 2006 ¾-ton GMC pickup. This truck is used to haul the boat trailer and the hazmat trailers. It is also used for scene support at major calls to transport members and equipment.


Marine 33

Marine 33

Marine 33 Is a 16-foot inflatable boat to allow our members to do water rescue and assist in searches. It is also used for patrols when events are going on in or around the river.


Water Rescue Equipment


Hazmat Trailers A & B



hazmat trailer

There are 2 hazmat trailers. Trailer A is the technical trailer with response equipment for hazmat situations. Trailer B is the major spill trailer used to control fluid spills.